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Pastor & Founder, Mt. Peniel COGIC

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Elder Andie Cork, Sr. is the Pastor and Founder of the Mount Peniel Church Of God In Christ (C.O.G.I.C.).  Our First Lady is Evangelist Missionary Jacqueline R. Cork.  Pastor and Missionary Cork have been in the Church Of God In Christ ministry for over 25 years. Pastor Cork was ordained an elder in the Church Of God In Christ in 1995.  Elder Cork was called into the pastoral office while serving under the leadership of then Elder Tony H. Campbell pastor of the “Yeshua” Church Of God In Christ.  Elder Cork considers Elder Campbell as his mentor and spiritual father.     


While serving as an associate elder at “Yeshua” the Lord called then Elder Cork to the higher calling of Pastoral ship in 1997.  However, because of the respect and high esteem with which Elder Cork held for leadership he didn’t separate from his home church without the blessing of his pastor. Elder Cork acknowledged the leading of the Lord for his elevation but considered himself duty bound to continue serving under his pastor until it was time for him to leave, and do so with freedom and by permission.  In February of 2000 the Lord allowed Elder Cork to establish the ministry and institute a church in the name Mount “Peniel” which the Lord gave to him back in 1989 as a young man.      


Pastor Cork now serves within the Great Northern District (GND) of the Historical First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of Virginia.  Elder Campbell is his District Superintendent and the Honorable Bishop Ted Thomas, Sr. is his Jurisdictional Prelate. In 2006 Pastor Cork was appointed as the East Regional Representative of International Men Perfecting Men Conference of the Churches Of God In Christ by the conference director Bishop Darrell Hines. This appointment followed on the heels of Pastor Cork being appointed to the Dream Team for the conference in 2004. Pastor Cork has been working with director and the Executive Committee of the conference for over 7 years. Since 2002 Pastor Cork has worked untiringly with the National Coordinator for the Athletic Department of the International Youth Department of the Churches Of God In Christ.  Events for which Pastor Cork has assisted have carried him to various areas throughout the country which include the charmed city Baltimore, MD; Los Angeles, CA; St. Louis, MO; Houston, TX; Trenton, NJ; Louisville, KY; Detroit, MI.     

In 2005 Pastor Cork was appointed to the Jurisdictional position of Men's Department Liaison to the National Men's Department of the Churches Of God In Christ by Bishop Ted Thomas, Sr. Pastor Cork served as the Chairman for the Bishop’s Banquet Committee of the Historical First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of Virginia from 1996 until 2004.  Pastor Cork has been a member of the First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of Virginia Youth Congress Committee, State Holy Convocation Souvenir Journal Committee and the Jurisdictional Finance Committee.     


Elder Cork has served as an Associate Elder, Sunday School Superintendent, YPWW President, Secretary of Master's Builders, Prince William County Jail Ministry (Men's Center and Juvenile Detention) and Financial Auditor while serving at the YESHUA C.O.G.I.C.  As a young man brother Cork served as an Associate Minister, Youth Pastor, Sunday School Superintendent, Local Church Acolyte, Men's Choir, Prayer Warrior, and Nursing Home Ministry while attending the Rehoboth C.O.G.I.C. under the leadership of Superintendent Lorenzo Dupree. He also served as District Number 1 Sunday School Superintendent under the leadership of the late Bishop Warren G. Crudup.

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